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How I work

What is counselling?



Counselling provides you with the opportunity to explore any areas of your life that you might find difficult, painful or confusing (past and present). These could be to do with how you relate to yourself and to those around you.


The aim is to gain a better perspective on your life and your attitudes. In turn this can enable you to make appropriate changes or revisions that will either help you resolve your difficulties or help you find ways of coping.




Gestalt Therapy focuses on the whole of an individual's experience; their thoughts, feelings and actions, and concentrates on the 'here and now' - what is happening from one moment to the next. Roughly translated from German, Gestalt means 'whole' and was developed in the 1940's by Fritz Perls. The main goal of this approach is for the individual to become more self-aware, taking into account their mind, body and soul.
What to do next


Please contact me to book an initial meeting to discuss your needs and what I can offer.
Our first appointment  will be a chance to get to know each other. If we then agree to continue with counselling, either short or long-term, we can make an arrangement to move forward.
Sessions take place weekly, they last 50 minutes each and my fees are negotiable.

I offer a holistic non-judgmental approach to working with my clients and welcome individuals irrespective of age, gender, background, sexuality, sexual identity, ethnicity, nationality or ability.


To find out more and to discuss possible work >>
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